How Creative Writing Helps Manage Anxiety + How it Helped Me.

Three years ago, I found myself unable to write. As I have been writing since I was nine years old, being too anxious to focus on letters terrified me. At the back of my mind sat the nagging fear: what if I can never write again? Here is how creative writing ultimately helped me overcome my anxiety and inspired me to bring more of what I am passionate about into my life.

3 Steps To Confidently Writing An Engaging Author Bio

The best author bios are not a neat sum-up of quirks, degrees, and publication credits but instead offer a slice of the writer; they impart not only texture but also smell and taste. Discover what goes into a terrific author bio and craft your stand-out 'about me' with this handy guide!

The Writer’s Guide to Learning From & Handling Literary Rejection

Rejection is more dynamic than simply receiving an email from an editor telling you ‘Your work is not a good fit for us at this time’.  As a creative who has been (and still is) rejected at many intersections along the road of my writing journey, here I share what I do to move on and why it is necessary to ultimately learn from rejection.

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