Nominated for Author of the Month at Spillwords Press!

I have been nominated an Author of the Month at Spillwords Press! The news delights, touches, and validates my passion in ways beyond the expressible. If you love my writing, if my any one word has connected with you, I would be starry-eyed, and so, so exhilarated if you would vote for me!

How Creative Writing Helps Manage Anxiety + How it Helped Me.

Three years ago, I found myself unable to write. As I have been writing since I was nine years old, being too anxious to focus on letters terrified me. At the back of my mind sat the nagging fear: what if I can never write again? Here is how creative writing ultimately helped me overcome my anxiety and inspired me to bring more of what I am passionate about into my life.

3 Steps To Confidently Writing An Engaging Author Bio

The best author bios are not a neat sum-up of quirks, degrees, and publication credits but instead offer a slice of the writer; they impart not only texture but also smell and taste. Discover what goes into a terrific author bio and craft your stand-out 'about me' with this handy guide!

Night Life

The sun is luminescent overhead. The man is pale, an albino with golden eyes. He dons a broad-brim hat of woven grass. The brim is dyed red. He digs in his pockets for the key to the house; it barely fits because of the rust. The battered door creaks inward. Dust and bottled love make his nostrils flare. Legend sniffs to clear the tears from his eyes . . .

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