Why Does Kelly Clarkson Support Spanking?

Kelly Clarkson's advocacy of spanking made a huge splash during its time. While her Instagram is lathered in photos of happy family life, I doubt her reality is as sweet. Here is why.


Diary Of A Foster Child

A foster child, Jay Baker has been alone since birth. With no one to talk to, his journal pages become his family as he chronicles his journey toward adoption.

Respect Goes Both Ways

We hear about children respecting their parents and we hear about what happens to them when they do not; children can be sent to their rooms, spanked, grounded, or scolded. But what about PARENTS respecting their CHILDREN?

What Is Spanking?

Pain and, more importantly, fear is a bad teacher and a bad master, yet many children live under it today because their parents chose to use physical punishment to discipline.


The youth loaded the arrow to his longbow, his slender fingers resting on the butt of the missile. He stared down the shaft as he drew it back, focused on the point beyond the steel head and closed his eyes.

Discipline: Is Not Spanking

The world is full of people who labor under the belief that spanking is right. Children are spanked and brutally punished behind doors as I write this; as you read this. What can we do to make a difference?

Was It Bad Parenting?

The results of bad parenting are, in some cases, children who shoot other children, and children who turn to selling and taking drugs at young ages. The question is: Why?

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