Nin Chronicles is featured among the Top 100 Poetry Blogs & Websites To Follow In 2020 on Feedspot!

So, I am going off my blogging schedule here, on the last day of the year. To those of you who think that wrong, I believe some news simply must be shared as it comes along!

Reflections of 2019 & Aspirations for 2020

As each year passes, it wraps me inside. It is only when I look back do I realize the weeks I felt were empty were all building up to the pitcher full of things I have accomplished. 

Real Neat Blog Award

This came just in time to celebrate reaching 100 likes on Nin Chronicles' Facebook page! Join me in celebrating reaching this milestone and having a 'real neat blog'.

My Experience At A Climate Rally

The images and voices of people who care to see the earth flourish for generations to come inspired me, speaking worth into something as little as a hair clip. I remember walking in the warm afternoon sunlight to join the climate rally at one of my local parks. Even in my small town, people care.

Blogging Is Experimenting

After much healthy experimentation over on Patreon, I am here to share with you the benefits of experimenting for the sake of growing audiences, no matter the platform. Sound like something you are interested in? Read on!

Blogging Is Evolution

Blogging is about evolution; it is in our nature to want to evolve and grow and reach for the stars. Give me a hand up in reaching for mine by considering a monthly pledge or one-time donation over on Patreon!

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