How To Keep Your Child Off The Street

Children love to explore forbidden territory and find out for themselves what all the fuss is about. The more you make the road into a forbidden place, the more your child will want to explore it. Try these methods to keep your child safe instead of scolding or spanking.


What Is Spanking?

Pain and, more importantly, fear is a bad teacher and a bad master, yet many children live under it today because their parents chose to use physical punishment to discipline.

Three Ways To Resolve Tantrums

Tears or a tantrum are a child's way of expressing emotions they are not equipped to handle any other way.  The next time your child has a fit, try these methods to resolve the tantrum instead of scolding, threatening, bribing, or punishing. 

Nin Chronicles: My Word

Nin Chronicles: My Word is the sequel to My Greenlead. It tells the story of Elladan and Elrohir, two elflings who have lived years with their father but have never been happy. Their parents claim to love them. Parents do love their children. But Elladan and Elrohir have never felt that love.

Discipline: Is Not Spanking

The mother lashed the legs of her child, leaving behind welts. The father forced the child to kneel on salt to inflame the wounds. Is this child abuse? Of course not; it was a punishment for getting homework answers wrong.

Mothers Are Warriors, Are They Not?

A mother will fight hand and tooth for her child.  She will eat less and give the child more if times are hard. A mother will wipe away tears and vomit, care for her sick offspring, and offer comfort and advice. But at the end of the day, many mothers will also spank their child.

Was It Bad Parenting?

The results of bad parenting are, in some cases, children who shoot other children, and children who turn to selling and taking drugs at young ages. The question is: Why?

Resisting The Lure Of Impatience

My aunt stayed with us one year. She brought her three year-old son with her. He was full of energy with the sweetest face. But he was trying at times. He did not want to go to bed, he wanted to leave the light on at night. He never wanted to stop playing or take a break to eat. He was a little rough sometimes to. But he was never spanked. 99% of the the time, spankings are parental temper tantrums.

Nin Chronicles: My Greenleaf

Nin Chronicles: My Greenleaf tells the continued tale of King Thranduil Haruneion and Legolas Greenleaf. In Mirkwood, an unwanted elfling has a roof over his head, food in his mouth, and someone to call ada. But it still does not feel like home.

The Instruments

Below here are listed and shown some of the instruments of punishment people have used to spank their children. I am saddened at the thought of the pain inflicted upon children in the name of discipline.

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