3 Haiku Published at Whispers & Echoes Magazine!

I am happy to share three of my haiku, Past, Generations, and Recovery, are published at Whispers and Echoes Magazine, as part of their ‘haiku on healing’ curation.

Whispers and Echoes revels in small tales and smaller poems that offer a glimpse of the whole. In this series, healing takes on many forms and guises but remains this: steps to recovery.

People like to advise, talk, and warn about the stages of grief but, in grief and sometimes failure, there are no stages. There is only the feeling of now. Each new now becomes a step toward acceptance and, ultimately, healing.

In writing these three haiku, I explore what healing is to me and how it has taken shape in my life through the mundane, the ordinary emotion, and the everyday ritual that often brings back memory of a loved one more clearly than a photograph ever can.

In writing, I also realize the meaning and intention of a poem often comes to me only after I have finished writing, as if it sneaks out of my subconscious and reveals itself to me; saying you have known I was there all along.

I invite you to enjoy Past, Generations, and Recovery and add or peel away some of the layers creating your illustration of healing.


She hugs herself close . . . please continue reading here!


Tarnished box of hearts . . . please continue reading here!


The peach tastes of you . . . please continue reading here!

As always, please do share your beautiful thoughts!

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37 thoughts on “3 Haiku Published at Whispers & Echoes Magazine!

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  1. Wow! Congratulations on this milestone Jaya! All three haiku’s published. Woohoo way to go girl! I read all three haikus and they are beautiful as always. My favourite was Past. Forgiving ourselves is something we all need to learn how to do. Congrats again Jaya!

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  2. Jaya, it took me a day to click through the three. It was worth the wait. I cannot pick a favorite – they are all fantastic. I love the variety between the three and how they each took me to a different place, emotionally and the setting.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m always amazed at how much meaning you can cram into so few words. My favourite is Past – “Nails trimmed short as a kindness” is wonderful, both literally and metaphorically. Congrats on getting published again, Jaya!


  4. These are wonderfully written moments and memories caught. Congratulations always dear, how far you have come from that long ago post about submitting more poetry. 💙👏🏼🌻

    Liked by 1 person

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