Three Poems Published at FERAL: a journal of poetry and art.

I am eager to share three of my poems, Rabid, Body Positivity, and Seedling are published in the eighth issue of FERAL: a journal of poetry and art.

FERAL is a courageous exploration of the creative and raw truths words give birth to, as well as a refreshing look at how artwork and writing influence and complement their interpretations of each other.

After spending five days in bed with body aches and a fever, I started to feel a little feral, especially in my wandering thoughts, dreams, and mindset. And, while it is not the rebalance I would choose, it was a ripe cleansing that leaves me open to new artistic interpretation and literary experimentation.

I like a little wildness, especially in finding the courage to speak a scarred truth. Going from rabid to admiring the beauty of a tiny seedling is meditative, dangerous, and climactic. The poets within Issue Eight explore their truths and share gutting stories in language so lifting it explodes on the tongue.

I invite you to enjoy Rabid, Body Positivity, and Seedling and give in, if only briefly, to your daring side.

The following is an excerpt of my poem, Rabid

He builds boats and 
Teaches gentlemen how to scull
Because the river 
Is too long 
For him to search 
Alone for her
. . . please continue reading here and feel free to share your beautiful thoughts!

Cover Art: Eruption by John Dorroh

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43 thoughts on “Three Poems Published at FERAL: a journal of poetry and art.

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  1. All your poems are heartfelt; the way you have mixed your thoughts with the group thinking in body positivity and ended with self-love, pour your heart into the Rabid, and expressed your anxieties in the seedlings, is remarkable.

    Glad that you are feeling better now; stay healthy and happy; congrats on getting published, again Jaya 🙂 xx

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  2. Although I enjoyed each of these poems, I am particularly drawn to Rabid. Perhaps it’s the romantic in me! Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Sorry you haven’t been feeling well but I love how you managed to draw on your experience to create something like this. Congratulations on getting another three poems published, so well deserved x

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  4. My, all three of these poems are raw and powerful, Jaya. I particularly like how you’ve incorporate the body, in various forms, in all three poems. I get heart, desire, passion, pain, pleasure, love, heartache, and much more from the collective. Congrats on the pub!

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  5. Congratulations on having these three poems published! I read all three and they all convey such powerful emotion and strong imagery in their own ways. I was especially drawn to the last lines of Body Positivity when you wrote, “The more I stared, the more I knew myself, I became mesmerizing”. Beautiful work as always! Thanks for sharing!

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  6. Congratulations Jaya!
    Loved all three poems. If I have to rank them in order of preference, there would be no numbers two and three. Brilliant. One line stood out for me though: “My bones were white under all that blood.” It reminded me – don’t know why because there is no obvious connection – of a CS Lewis line in one of his books that went something like, “it was so cold, it burnt.”
    Anyway, it was wonderful reading the works of a writer in her prime. Thanks for sharing xx

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  7. Three wonderful poems thoroughly deserving of publication Jaya! I think my favourite was ‘Body Positivty’ for its unsettling combination of gore and female strength. I hope you are recovered from your illness now!

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  8. First of all let me tell you how much I am sorry for you five bad days with fever and aches. A huge embrace ❤
    Then, again best compliments for this new success! You deserve it so much!
    Among the three poems I loved particularly Seeding because I simply adore the idea of last love left can bloom.
    Even against wicked thoughts sneaking out while no one is watching.
    THANK YOU so much.

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  9. Congrats on being published! And thank you for sharing those wonderful poems, that body positivity one really touched me and I am still on a journey of exploring that inner beauty so that poem just connected with me the most. x

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  10. Congrats on being published in another publication, Jaya! Oddly enough, out of all three poems, the one that resonates with me most is Body Positivity (I was expecting it to be Seedling). I love all your writing but that poem is so raw, I love the idea that if we really go within we can become captivated by our own beauty. Thank you for sharing!

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