I am the wind blowing

Aimlessly because I do not know where

I want to go.

I am the mother who

Yells because she knows why she is annoyed

But does not want to be questioned.

I am the man who follows the path

Without knowing where it will lead.

I am the murderer who kills

And is caught because he has

Nothing better to do.

I am the woman who

Lets her thoughts trail

Across a piece of paper because she is idle.

I am Restless.


Photo by Oswaldo Ibáñez on Unsplash

24 thoughts on “Restless

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  1. Such eloquent words!

    There’s no better word to describe the world’s mood right now. I hope the planet is ready for the explosion of pent-up energy when the lockdown ends. 🙂

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  2. This is very interesting – especially when people decide to do things without thinking it through, there are consequences that entails. Though, I have been feeling restless lately, it can cause people to make rash decisions as well. Love it!

    Nancy ♥

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