Nin Chronicles is on Patreon!


Spring is upon is. Daffodils are pushing up from the ground and patches of grass are greening. New life is being born, along with new ideas and beginnings. And, like the trees, I am growing new branches and putting out fresh buds to blossom into leaves and flowers.

My most treasured bud is my Patreon page, which is freshly launched and awaiting growth. What is Patreon, you might ask?

Patreon is a platform that allows you to support the creators you love, enabling them to grow and expand what they do. In return for your support, you gain access to exclusive patron-only content reminiscent of gratitude and what the creator creates. I am creating poetry, fantasy, flash fiction, short stories, and novels.

For example, as my lowest Tier, in return for a simple $4 a month, you gain access to poetry published monthly in its fresh, new graphic format, hand-written and photographed by me.

If you like what you read here, you will enjoy reading what I publish there. As a patron, you will gain access to stories and poems published for supporters alone.

Each poem comes in a delicious graphic format which you can view below. I love the flower design. Which do you prefer; flowers or shells?




Each flash fiction piece explores the beauty of life or reveals a moment many people might share or sympathize with. You can view a sample piece here and read this post if you wish to get an idea of what and how I write when it comes to flash fiction.

Thank you for being a part of Nin Chronicles and for giving me a glimpse into your thoughts and lives through your comments and writing. Each of you brings a smile to my day and knowing you all take a moment out of your busy lives to read what I write is precious to me.

I look forward to welcoming you on the next step of our journey and cannot wait to post on Patreon as much as I post here.

Please consider joining me as a patron!



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