Discipline: Is Not Spanking

Do you know how some parents reward bad grades with?

Do you know that some parents sit with their child while they do their homework. And do you know what happens (in some cases) when the child gets the answers within their work wrong?

The child is spanked. Or worse. In one case I read about, the mother lashed the legs of her child, leaving behind welts. The father forced the child to kneel on salt to inflame the wounds.

Both parents encouraged the child to do better during and after the punishments. Both parents said how much they wanted the child to do well in school and grow. Yet they used fear to enforce it, saying there was no room to grow through failure or mistakes. There was no room to grow honestly.

Is this child abuse?

Of course not! It is discipline. Plain, twisted discipline. And it is wrong. It takes a small chip out of your soul to hurt your child; make the child cry and come away from punishing them with the firm belief spanking is right.

The world is full of people who labor under the belief that spanking is right. Children are spanked and brutally punished behind doors as I write this; as you read this.

We need more patience and tolerance in the world. We need more people who are kind to their children and do not spank them.

The world would be a better place if it were filled with more people who love their children enough to stop spanking them.

The world would be a better place if adults stopped bringing the violence of spanking into their children’s lives.

The world would be a better place if you contribute to it; if you make an effort to leave spanking your children behind.

Stop hiding behind the excuse of love to spank your children, if you do. There is nothing lovable about spanking.

Start loving.

Stop spanking.



2 thoughts on “Discipline: Is Not Spanking

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  1. While I agree patience is an important quality a parent needs to extend in child rearing. I also believe there may be the exception when a spanking may be acceptable and can be a teaching too but not the kind of whipping and cruelty you described. A simple smack on the behind or two is sufficient to get across that point that the behavior is not acceptable. What you described here is extreme and it is not discipline, it is most certainly abuse. I raised two very stable, loving, mannerly and self-sufficient children alone as a single parent. Though rare, on occasion I did spank. It is not the spanking that harms them, it is the vicious, cruel, heartless and inappropriate whipping, just as a cruel verbal beating is abuse as well and can do as much harm.

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    1. While I believe children can be raised without spanking at all, I am glad you shared your thoughts with me. Abuse, especially child abuse, is a sad, sad thing and I struggled to accept any soul could be so cruel for a long time.

      I believe abuse comes from the mentality that hitting children is alright when a person is impatient and downright cruel. At the end of the day, spanking is hitting a child. I know it is possible for parents to raise their children without spanking, even when others make an exception and spank, and I think that is one of the most beautiful things a person can do.

      I am glad your children have grown to be good people. Thank you so much for reading and for sharing your thoughts!

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