A Time To Grow Strong

In moments of desperation

You may do terrible things.

You are weak when your resolve shatters;

You cannot resist the call when your children disobey you.

You take the easy way.

And in your wake you leave nothing but


It gathers with each stroke of the hand as it meets


Clothed or not.

It gathers when you take the

Easy way.

It disperses when you resist;

When you lower your hand and strike no blows

No matter how tempted you are to let them fall.


Gathers when you twist no love to mean



Gathers when we love and never fail to

Resist the call of



2 thoughts on “A Time To Grow Strong

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  1. I’ve never been a fan of spanking children either. It’s hard to understand how thumping them makes them better people in the long run. I think it only makes them more frightened, and far less happy with themselves. Love this, Jaya.

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