Mothers Are Warriors, Are They Not?

A mother will fight hand and tooth for her child.

She will eat less and give the child more if times are hard.

A mother will wipe away tears and vomit, care for her sick offspring, and offer comfort and advice.

But at the end of the day, many mothers will also spank their child.

She will chase them with a wooden spoon.

She will break her brush across their bottoms.

This is love in many households.

This is not love to me.

Mothers are enraged when someone else harms or wrongs their child. But the greatest harm of all is being done under their roof, to their child, with their own hand.

If a friend or a stranger, teacher or mentor, has not the right to strike your child, if a grandparent or uncle or aunt does not have the right to strike your child, why should you, as a parent, have the right to inflict pain upon your child in the name of love and discipline when all others lack the right?

You may be the parent of your child but why should that give you the right to spank your child?

If those who slap your child or spank them without permission are considered to have assaulted your child (and indeed many a case has been brought to court by an angry mother whose child has been hit by a daycare assistant), why are your actions in spanking your child different?

There is no difference save the lies you tell yourself unknowingly to justify your actions.

Love does not chase with a wooden spoon nor redden the bottom of a child. Love does not break a brush on a behind. Love is not a demon seeking to inflict pain.

Mothers, defend your children’s’ lives and beings and spirits. Keep your children safe from harm.

But do not contradict your actions by being the warrior who turns after sending the enemy packing and attacks his own men.

Stop Spanking.


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