Jaya Avendel lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where she searches the forest for beauty worthy of words and smiles on children’s faces that speak of the gentleness and respect with which all deserve to be treated.

Nin Chronicles is dedicated to closing the gaps between genders, races, religions, and the voids opened up between parents and children, the most harmful gaps of all.

The fictional stories here tell the tales of people who have lived through abuse and neglect and still found healing. The stories are of children who live to find happiness, and portray joy-filled scenes in their lives as well as the sad ones. The stories are about a parent’s love for their children, and the child’s love for them.

The poems capture in words unforgettable moments in everyday life and hold undying truths we can all relate to.

Every word is dedicated to love, life and hope.

My goal is for the stories and poems and words I have written to make you think. At the very least, think. I hope they inspire thought and invoke emotion. I hope they help close the gaps between genders, races, religions, and the holes between parent and child that live in many houses across the globe and exist in neighborhoods to this day.

I am a person who hopes one day spanking will be no more. I am person who hopes neglected children will one day be a thing of the past. I am a person who hopes abused and unhappy children will one day be no more. I am a person who hopes to see racial problems and gender gaps closed. I am a person who believes in bringing that vision to light, and helping unhappy souls find harmony and happiness, whether child or adult.

This is my way of helping make what I believe in come true.

Dark is the absence of light. Light is the absence of dark. Cold is the absence of heat as heat is the absence of cold. If one is true so is the opposite.

The world is not painted in black and white. It has so much color.

I chose to bring light to dark because I cannot stand by and watch from the sidelines and also because I believe light has a hard time reaching some places. It needs a little help.

There are few things I am against. The number is small for me. I meet people against the latest person elected to office or against various gun laws.

None of that bothers me.

What does bother me is child abuse. But above child abuse (it is horrible) and even above the poor foster care system that damages more children then it helps, is spanking.

I know that may sound strange to some people but it is a place for me where light is absent or fighting to shine through. I believe spanking is worst then child abuse.


Because abuse is created through anger and frustration, impatience, alcohol and drugs, poor emotional health and mental issues. Everyone knows it is wrong.

But spanking is done through “the goodness of one’s heart to teach right”. Spanking involves hitting a child but many believe it is right because they call it “punishment”. This is why spanking is worst. Is is abuse in disguise.

I have read of people who spank with a belt or a switch, a paddle, a hairbrush or just with the hand. I do not consider a single swat on the behind a spanking. I consider a spanking to involve more then one strike, administered over the knees or in some method that keeps the victim still. Some children have been made to lean over a chair. Look at the “tools” used in spankings. Tools of pain and injustice.

The problem I have with spanking is that spanking is violent and violence is not the answer. Spanking does not correct or teach goodness and right. Spanking inflicts pain on a child and makes them afraid, bringing about a natural fear of the person who hurt them.

Ruling by pain and fear is a bad way to rule and does not allow a strong emotional bond between parent and child and the bond is critical. I believe also spanking is a lazy way to punish. By spanking, we quickly deal with a problem, use spankings to threaten, and walk away feelings as if the spanking has solved everything.

Spanking leaves behind a child torn between their love for you and the anger and confusion they feel. Their feelings fester because they cannot discuss them with anyone, much less their own parents, and lead to anxiety and depression, bringing up children ruled by pain and fear. No wonder many people take medication to deny their feelings, such as sickness. In these days children are also told not to cry and now they feel as if crying is a weak thing to do.

It is my honorable intention and desire to do everything I can to discourage spanking and violent methods of punishment and encourage non-violent methods of punishment, therefore bringing light to my darkness.

This is Nin Chronicles: There IS No Gap.

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